Marble Surface
Ruth Bersin



This book takes you on a journey of powerful emotions and real life experiences. My 5 children and I resonated with this book from our own personal experiences, The Book “A million more kisses” in the Spirit Warrior Series with Geronimo was a beautiful story and after struggling to cope with loss of a grandparent recently could not have come at a better time!  I love how you captured love, laughter, friendship and special moments and gave very helpful suggestions to processing the very real emotions associated with grief. Thank you so much for writing these series. My family and I are all looking forward to more adventures together with your books and the amazing characters teaching those important life lessons.


Geronimo and Nonnie's take on love and loss is a heartwarming story for young readers who are trying to cope with loss of a loved one.

Rene invites you to see the world through the eyes of Geronimo and his owner as they try to understand how age and illness can sometimes be unexpected and overwhelming changes.

Rene's unique style of writing is perfect for young readers who are ready for an honest talk about what happens when someone they loves grows older, and how they can preserve their memories.


Keri Vickers

Certified Life/Business Coach

Mary Mcgahan

Wow!, Wow!, Wow! is all I can say.


Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful I'll add. I'll be thinking of this for days to come!